Introduction to the PDA Guide

Welcome to the pda-guide website where we provide you with the best pda guides, pda reviews from Palm, Psion to the Pocket PC. We also update our pda accessory guide regularly so that you have the latest reviews and a pda guide that brings you the latest news from the industry. We strive to be the most comprehensive source for all pda news and one of the best pda guides on the internet. As an independent third party, we provide you with an unbiased pda guide and provide you with pda reviews so that you make your final choice as an informed pda user. Let us not only show you which pda works very well but also which pda or pda accessories have short comings.

The was created to provide all our readers with a high quality and accurate pda guide, a pda guide that is not only accurate but a pda guide that includes the latest pda reviews for all popular pda devices. We have also designed the website so that it is not only easy to navigate but also easy to read. With our wide range of pda users, all sections of this pda guide, from the pda reviews and pda accessories was written so that not only will a pda geek understand the terminology and technology but also everyone from the executive, homemaker, novice user and you the reader of our pda guide could understand.

The PDA or personal digital assistant has come a long way since Apple introduced the Newton Message Pad in 1993. Today the most popular pdas and pda accessories are for the Palm Pilots from Palm Inc. We give extensive coverage in our pda guide to the Palm range of pda accessories and pda reviews. Not only does our pda guide provide you with reviews on pda accessories and reviews on pdas which use a stylus but also includes extensive coverage, news and reviews on those pdas which use a keyboard.

Browse around our website and check out the latest industry news from the pda industry. Also, see our extensive listings on pda accessories not only for your current pda but also for the pda, which you are thinking of buying. Find out which pda accessories and pda devices suit you best in our pda reviews section and make the best-informed decision with all the information from this pda guide for your next purchase.

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